August 31, 2016

IT Training

Let us show you how to do just about anything on a computer. Keep in mind most things take longer than an hour to learn and practice makes perfect!

  • Internet Safety
  • Security Training
  • Slideshow Creation
  • Webinar Basics
  • Paypal Basics
  • Excel Basics
  • Word Basics
  • Facebook Basics
  • Email Basics
  • Ebay/Amazon and Online Shopping
  • Ebay/Craigslist Selling
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Blogging Basics
  • Online Bill Paying and Banking Basics
  • Snapfish / Shutterfly Book/Gifts
  • Typing Lessons
  • Basic Skills
  • Print, Scan, Fax, Copy Basics
  • Smart Phone Basics (Android and IPhone)
  • Photo Download and Sharing Basics
  • Music Download and Portable Media Basics
  • Smartphone/Video Cam Movies Sharing Basics
  • Presentation and Projector Basic
  • DVD Movie Backup and Device Sync/Stream

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