September 1, 2016

Computer Repairs

Residential Repairs:

Computers break down over time. Whether your computer is virus infected or won’t boot at all. Lanai Computers LLC can take care of your computer problems. Our services are very affordable. We only charge flat rate prices and there are no hidden fees. We make sure you are fully aware of the cost of your repair during the entire process!

If there is an internet connection and no screen or power problems residential repairs can be done remotely. This includes nationwide, Lanai City, North and North West Hawaii (Waikoloa, Waimea and Kawaihae). Local drop-offs must be scheduled for hardware issues. At this time, LCLLC is not setup to go to homes for repairs. This may change in the future. Repairs and virus removals normally take 2-5 business days, if no parts are required and depending on the severity. Tune-ups usually take 1 day to complete.

Step 1:

Contact LCLLC with your problem via email, text, chat or phone call.

Step 2:

A tech will contact you and triage your problem and determine a course of action.

Step 3:

Most times if you have a working internet connection and access to email the tech will ask you to download a small piece of software to securely connect to your computer.

Step 4:

The tech can ask you to leave the computer on while working on the issue. The issue could take hours and it is best to be close to a phone to receive incoming texts/calls from your tech.

If a part repair is required the tech will ask you for more information and/or pictures to order the part required.

If the computer has no internet connection the tech will schedule a time for you to drop-off your laptop or PC. You will receive a ticket number to track your request, an estimated pickup date and an estimate of pricing is made. LCLLC will ask you if you have existing backups and make a backup upon request (if possible). We will ask you for your password as it is required to access your system otherwise, with your permission, we could remove your password. Repairs with parts can take 2 weeks.

LCLLC usually charges $65/hour of interactive work for the first 2 hours for a max of $200 not including parts. Most jobs can take 1-3 hours depending on the extent of damage.

Step 5:

When the work is completed, payment is required. We have a 7 days labor warranty to ensure the same issue does not re-occur. Please read the Terms of Agreement.

Business Repairs: 

Lanai Computers LLC can provide On-site Services for micro, small to medium sized businesses of 2 employees or more. Services include:

-Printer and Computer Setups

Network and Server Installation and Configurations (specializing in wireless networking)

-Employee Training

-Virus Removal

-Data Recovery (with existing backup in place) Cloud and Local Backup

-Security Solutions and Consulting

– IT Procurement and Vendor Handling

-Monthly Maintenance and Supplemental help-desk(MSP)

-Web Design and Maintenance

All On-site services are billed at $100 per hour with a 1-hour minimum. This $100 includes a gas surcharge. Should the service take longer than expected, LCLLC can take it back to the shop and charge you a flat rate fee and drop it back off to your place of business or work on the issue remotely.

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